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XMAS6856KBM160CTG has been substituted by 1000XXXXCA006CT
PPG Aerospace suggests 1000XXXXCA006CT as a replacement for XMAS6856KBM160CTG
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    PPG Aerospace® CA 1000 Mastinox Off-White PRC Standard Spec Non-Chromate Corrosion Inhibitive Jointing Compound - 6 oz (4.5 fl oz) Cartridge

    PPG Aerospace® Mastinox 6856K Yellow Corrosion Inhibitive Jointing Compound - 160 mL Cartridge

    Mastinox 6856K excels at jointing areas of direct contact between different alloys and possesses many benefits. Since it's incredibly flexible, it minimizes the risk of cracking and separation due to age. It's durable and highly reliable. In fact, it is impervious to most greases and hydrocarbons. Not only is it corrosion resistant but it also effectively insulates joints.This compound withstands the pressures and temperatures associated with high altitudes and hot engines and works best in areas where the temperature is greater than 320 degrees F. Speaking of temperature, in order to maintain effectiveness Mastinox 6856K should be stored below 120 degrees F.

    When it comes to application, minimal preparation is required. Simply apply by painting it on with a brush, spreading it on with a spatula or pouring directly from the container. *Note: The manufacturer, PRC-DeSoto International, recommends using sealant when Mastinox 6856K will come into contact with aggressive hydraulic fluids.

    Mastinox 6856K's unique blend of toluene, xylene, strontium chromate and barium chromate make it one of the leading joint compounds available. That's why we sell it and that's why you should buy it.

    Pilatus PN/Spec#: 910.31.20.042
    Preparation for application

    Mastinox can be applied on all assembly joints whether painted, coated or bare.


    Mastinox can be applied with brush or spatula or can be poured from the can thinned as necessary.

    Product preparation

    Thinner 0422/9000 should be used with all grades of Mastinox to obtain the correct viscosity suited to the task in hand.

    The most important thing is to ensure that the joint is correctly filled.

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