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LORD Shimmy Damper "Fluid Free"

LORD® SE1076-1 Shimmy Damper - Replaces Beech 35-825145, 35-825145-2 & 35-825145-6
SkyGeek Price: $930.41
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LORD® SE1051-2 Shimmy Damper - Replaces Cessna 0442612-1
SkyGeek Price: $1,051.35
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LORD® SE1068-5 Shimmy Damper - Replaces Cessna 0743621-1
SkyGeek Price: $1,037.22
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LORD® SE1069-3 Shimmy Damper - Replaces Cessna 0743624-2
SkyGeek Price: $942.15
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LORD® SE1070-7 Shimmy Damper - Replaces Cessna SE-1070-4 & SE-1070-6
SkyGeek Price: $2,852.25
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LORD SE1088-1 Shimmy Dampener - 17443020-3
SkyGeek Price: $1,805.40
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LORD SE1090-1 Shimmy Dampener - 0842410-2
SkyGeek Price: $2,726.77
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Replace old, leaking dampers with Lord Shimmy's Fluid-Free Dampers from SkyGeek. The replacement dampers are designed as an upgrade to traditional dampers. They are made without the need for hydraulic fluid, eliminating the possibility of leaks and damping loss. They are maintenance-free and never require servicing to save time and money. The replacement dampers deliver reliable performance from temperatures as low as -30F (-34C) to as high as 150F (65C). They will not lose damping at temperature extremes and they are not subject to performance degradation over time.

Lord Shimmy Fluid-Free Dampers from SkyGeek are an excellent value. They are made of high-quality materials that resist bending or warping and the dampers come with a five-year pro-rated warranty through the manufacturer. The simple design is highly reliable and boasts a long operational life to reduce gear linkage wear. The large shaft dampers are available at a low price. Because they never require servicing, these dampers are more affordable to own over the lifespan of the equipment compared to standard hydraulic dampers. Order now to get the bed price on Lord Shimmy replacement parts.

Lord Dampers Feature:
  • No Hydraulic Fluid
  • No leaks, no damping loss, no servicing required
  • Consistent Damping from -30? to 150?F
  • No damping loss at temperature extremes
  • No Performance Degradation Over time
  • Long operational life reduces gear linkage wear
  • Large Diameter Shaft
  • Stainless steel shaft resists bending
  • 5 Year Pro-Rated Warranty
  • Simple design and high reliability
  • Lower price, longer life, & no servicing required

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