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Kannad SAS
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Kannad 0124206 ANT100 Portable ELT Antenna
Kannad 0124220 White ANT300 Tri-Band 350-Knot Rod ELT Antenna - 121.5, 243 MHz & 406 MHz
Kannad 1201570 Model PR600 ELT Programmer
Kannad 1202393 XS-ER Personal Locator Beacon with GPS
Kannad 1202394 XS-4 Personal Locator Beacon with GPS
Kannad 20511-01 Universal Mounting Tray
Kannad 20513-11 RC200 Remote Control Panel Switch
Kannad S1820513-18 Model RC200-9 Remote Control Panel with Backshell Kit
Kannad 20514-01 Programming Dongle
Kannad 20514-03 DIN12 Connector
Kannad 40510-02 406AF Compact Inspection Kit
Kannad S1840501-02 Model 406 AF-COMPACT 406 MHz Emergency Locator Transmitter
Kannad 0123106 Seal - Transport Cover Label
Kannad 0122993 Label - ELT Identification
Kannad 0144540 Distress Only Sticker - Xs3
Kannad S1820518-01 Locking Pin - As
Kannad 40506-01 Rc200 Remote Switch Connector
Kannad S1820513-03 Model RC100 Remote Control Panel Kit
Kannad 40502-01 Mounting Bracket For 40501-02
Kannad S1820515-06 Outside Buzzer Assembly
Kannad S1820513-21 Rc102 Kit - Remote Control Panel
Kannad 1202439 Programming Optical Pen For Xs-4 & Xs-Er Plb
Kannad 25503-01 Cable - Case144 To ELT
Kannad S1820514-14 Water Switch Sensor Kit
Kannad 0145621 Model ANT200 Black 250-Knot 121.5 & 406 MHz Whip ELT Antenna
Kannad 0124194 Whip Antenna - Antenna 110 - TNC
Kannad S1820513-07 Remote Control Panel - Rc150 Kit
Kannad S1840510-01 Lithium Battery Pack for BAT200, 406AF ELT - 6 Year
Kannad S1820511-02 Wall Mount Bracket - 406as
Kannad S1820511-03 Carry Off Bag - 406 ELT As
Kannad S1820511-04 Carry Off Bag - As Short
Kannad S1820514-02 Maintenance Dongle
Kannad S1820514-06 Programming Dongle Assembly
Kannad S1820513-09 Remote Control Panel - Rc300
Kannad 40501-01 ELT - 406af Compact Unit
Kannad S1820514-05 Programming Dongle - A330 & 340
Kannad S1820514-04 Programming Dongle - A320
Kannad S1820513-10 Remote Control Panel - Rc300-Nvg
Kannad S1820513-05 Model RCA400 ELT Remote Control Panel
Kannad 0142136 Model ANT650 Gray Blade Antenna
Kannad 40501-04 ELT 406 Af Compact "Er"
Kannad 1202503 Integra AF-H 406MHz Emergency Locator Transmitter
Kannad 0124222 Blade ANT500 Antenna
Kannad 25501-02 ELT Nav Interface - Arinc429
Kannad 0124251 ANT650 Blade Antenna
Kannad 21502-02 Kannad 406af ELT - 3 Freq
Kannad 22502-02 Kannad 406af-H ELT - 3 Freq
Kannad S1823502-03 Kannad 406 AS-TNC 121.5/243/406 MHz Emergency Locator Transmitter
Kannad S1823502-05 Kannad 406 Survival 406 MHz Emergency Locator Transmitter
Kannad S1820502-02 Model 406AP 3-Frequency 121.5/243/406 MHz Emergency Locator Transmitter
Kannad S1820502-04 Kannad 406AP-H 406 MHz Helicopter Emergency Locator Transmitter
Kannad 21502-06 Kannad 406 ELT Af- 6d

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