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Henkel Turco 5884 Turbine Engine Compressor Cleaner

Henkel Turco 5884 Turbine Engine Compressor Cleaner

Cleaning your aircraft's engine should be part of your regular maintenance schedule. Make light work of the tedious task with Henkel Turco 5884 Turbine Engine Compressor Wash. The liquid wash is designed for use with compressor washers, going to work quickly to loosen up dirt and grime. Henkel Turco Turbine Engine Compressor Cleaner from SkyGeek goes by many names. Whether you call it Henkel BONDERITE® C-MC 5884™ AERO maintenance cleaner or simply Henkel Turco® 5884™, you'll enjoy the same powerful performance and reliability. Henkel Turco Turbine Engine Compressor Wash is a highly concentrated liquid solution that can be mixed with water just before use. Spray it onto soiled areas and allow it to sit to effectively remove salt, oil and solid deposits from in-service jet engine parts. The bigger the mess, the longer you should let the solution penetrate before rinsing. The cleaner can safely be used on compressor blades, rotors, guide vanes and more. These components must be periodically cleaned to avoid abnormal temperature increases, power loss and increases in fuel consumption.

Henkel Turco 5884 Turbine Engine Compressor Wash from SkyGeek is an all-purpose cleaner for your aircraft's engine components. It is made by a brand you can trust and the powerful formula delivers incredible results with every use. If you're looking for an engine wash that's affordable effective, this cleaner will fit the bill. At SkyGeek, we have what you need to keep your aircraft clean, inside and out, all for the lowest prices. Order now and choose your preferred container size to suit your needs. Select sizes may qualify for quantity pricing and same-day shipping. A manufacturer's certification may be added to any order.

Turco 5884 Instructions
Concentration: Mix 1 part TURCO 5884 with 4 parts distilled or demineralized water for PROCEDURE "A". Mix 1 part TURCO 5884 with 1 part distilled or demineralized water, for PROCEDURE "B".

NOTE: For cold weather (below 0ºC) add 20% by volume methanol (methyl alcohol) or glycol.


PROCEDURE "A" - Pressure pot with control valve, hose and spray nozzle or a Drum Master Model #220 for direct proportioning from the container.

PROCEDURE "B" - Special cleaning rig consisting of pressure tank, pump, valves and supply hose specified by Jet Engine Manufacturer.


PROCEDURE "A"- Rotating Engine With Starter

  1. Mix 1 part TURCO 5884 with 4 parts water in pressure pot (or use a proportioner).
  2. Inject the TURCO 5884 water solution into compressor air intake while energizing the starter motor for 60 seconds. Permit the TURCO 5884 solution to dwell 5 minutes.
  3. Repeat Step #2.
  4. Rinse with cold distilled or demineralized water with starter motor running for 60 seconds
  5. After 5 minutes, repeat Step #4 as necessary to flush out all residual TURCO 5884 and loosened soils.
  6. After starter has cooled, run engine and test performance.

PROCEDURE "B" - With Engine Operating (Allow engine to cool after shutdown for a minimum of 45 minutes).

  1. Fill spray tank with 10 gallons TURCO 5884 and 10 gallons distilled or demineralized water, mix well.
  2. Make sure supply hose valve is closed, then pressurize tank with compressed air to 100 psig.
  3. Connect supply hose to anti-icing fitting or as directed by engine manufacturer.
  4. Start engine as directed in manual and run at 7,000 RPM or as prescribed by the manufacturer.
  5. When engine has stabilized, turn on cleaning rig pressure pump and inject the TURCO 5884 cleaning solution at 45 psi into engine.
  6. When the TURCO 5884 solution has passed through the engine, taking approximately 5 minutes, turn off the pump switch and shut off the supply valve.
  7. Flush the engine with distilled or demineralized water for approximately 5 minutes.
  8. Clear all fluids from the engine by increasing RPM to cruising for approximately 15 minutes.
  9. Check engine operation and test performance. Repeat cleaning procedure as necessary.
NOTE: The above procedures are typical, however the process recommended by the engine manufacturer must be followed.
  • Meets the requirements of and is approved to MIL-C-85704B Type I
  • Listed in General Electric SPM REF #C04-140
  • Listed in Pratt & Whitney SPMC-87
  • Flash point 65°C minimum (Tag Closed Cup)
  • Typically very low in phenol, chloride and sulfur
  • Ash Free
  • Readily miscible with water
  • Henkel 597177 BONDERITE C-MC 5884 Aero Turbine Engine Compressor Cleaner - 5 Gallon PailView DetailsEnable JS
    Part Number
    5 Gallon Can
    $448.60 (Pail)
    (Sold in increments of 1)

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    Material Safety Data Sheet:
    Code: UN1993 | Class: 3 | Group: III - Click Here for Details
    Country of Origin: United States
    Henkel 596854 BONDERITE C-MC 5884 AERO Turbine Engine Compressor Cleaner - 55 Gallon DrumView DetailsEnable JS
    Part Number
    55 Gallon Drum
    Material Safety Data Sheet:
    Code: UN1993 | Class: 3 | Group: III - Click Here for Details
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