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HomeShop by BrandHenkelHenkel LOCTITE® Hysol®Henkel Hysol EA 9395 AERO Epoxy Paste Adhesive - Quart A+B Kit
Henkel Hysol EA 9395 AERO Epoxy Paste Adhesive - Quart A+B Kit
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Henkel Hysol EA 9395 AERO Epoxy Paste Adhesive - Quart A+B KitHenkel Hysol EA 9395 AERO Epoxy Paste Adhesive - Quart A+B KitHenkel Hysol EA 9395 AERO Epoxy Paste Adhesive - Quart A+B Kit
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Henkel Hysol EA 9395 AERO Epoxy Paste Adhesive - Quart A+B Kit

Part#: AS9294016
Our Price (Each): $256.55
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  • (SDS) Safety Data Sheet Information
    Code: UN3259 | Class: 8 | Group: III - Details |
    (SDS) Safety Data Sheet: MSDS1
    CA Prop 65 WarningWarning: This product may contain a chemical known by the State of California to cause health issues. Details found here
    This thixotropic two-component adhesive system is ideal for potting, filling and fairing applications where RAM/RAS considerations are important. Cures at ambient temperature and has excellent strength properties at 360°F (177°C) and higher. Does not contain metallic filler. Can be used with composite substrates.

    Combine Part A and Part B in the correct ratio and mix thoroughly. IMPORTANT: Heat buildup during or after mixing is normal. Do not mix quantities greater than 450 grams as dangerous heat buildup can occur causing uncontrolled decomposition of the mixed adhesive. TOXIC FUMES CAN OCCUR, RESULTING IN PERSONAL INJURY. Mixing smaller quantities will minimize the heat build-up.

    Bonding surfaces should be clean, dry and properly prepared. For optimum surface preparation, consult the Hysol Surface Preparation Guide. The bonded parts should be held in contact until the adhesive is set. Handling strength for this adhesive will occur in 24 hours @ 77F/25C, after which the support tooling or pressure used during cure may be removed. Since full bond strength has not yet been attained, load application should be small at this time.

    This adhesive may be cured for 5 days @ 77F/25C or 1 hour @ 150F/66C to achieve normal performance.

    Clean Up:
    It is important to remove excess adhesive from the work area and application equipment before it hardens. Denatured alcohol and many common industrial solvents are suitable for removing uncured adhesive. Consult your supplier's information pertaining to the safe and proper use of solvents.

    Product Details
    UOM : Each
    Pack Quantity : 1
    Size : Quart
    Color Family : Black
    Ship Dimensions : 8 x 5 x 8 inches
    Shipping Weight : 3 pounds
    Manufacturer P/N : EA 9395 EA9395
    NSN : 8040-01-452-5539
    ECCN : EAR99
    Schedule B Code : 3214.10.0010
    Disclaimer: While reasonable efforts have been made to ensure all information on this website is accurate, and Styles Logistics, Inc. do not assume responsibility for any errors or omissions. All specifications, illustrations, data and prices are subject to change without notice.
  • Non-Metallic Filler
  • Cures at Ambient Temperature
  • Thixotropic
  • Excellent Mechanical Properties
  • Good Compressive Strength
  • Specifications
    Uncured Adhesive Properties

    Property Part A Part B Mixed
    Color Blue Black Gray-Blue
    Viscosity @ 77°F 4,000 - 8,000 Poise 200 - 700 Poise 1,000 - 3,000 Poise
    Brookfield, HBT Spdl 7 @ 20 rpm Spdl 4 @ 20 rpm Spdl 5 @ 20 rpm
    Viscosity @ 25°C 400 - 800 PaS 20 - 70 PaS 100 - 300 PaS
    Brookfield, HBT Spdl 7 @ 2.1 rad/s Spdl 4 @ 2.1 rad/s Spdl 5 @ 2.1 rad/s
    Density (g/ml) 1.45 1.00 1.27
    Shelf Life
    @ <40F/4C
    @ <77F/25C

    1 year
    1 year

    1 year
    1 year

    This material will normally be shipped at ambient conditions, which will not alter our standard warranty, provided that the material is placed into its intended storage upon receipt. Premium shipment is available upon request.



      This product requires mixing two components together just prior to application to the parts to be bonded. Complete mixing is necessary. The temperature of the separate components prior to mixing is not critical, but should be close to room temperature (77F/25C).

      Mix Ratio by Weight: 100 (Part A) : 17 (Part B)

      Note: Volume measurement is not recommended for structural applications unless special precautions are taken to assure proper ratios.

    Pot Life:

      (450 g mass) 95 - 100 minutes @ 77F/25C. Method - ASTM D2471 in water bath.

    Henkel QC Acceptance Testing:
    This data sheet provides users with typical properties obtained from this adhesive. These values are not meant to be used to develop aerospace QC acceptance testing. Users interested in establishing values and tests for routine QC acceptance should request our internal specification (DAS), which provides detail test methods and values used to certify this adhesive.

    Bond Strength Performance

    Tensile Lap Shear Strength
    Tensile lap shear strength tested per ASTM D1002 after curing for 5 days @ 77F/25C. Adherends are 2024-T3 Alclad aluminum treated with phosphoric acid anodized per ASTM D3933.

    Test Temperature, °F/°C psi MPa
    -67/-55 2,300 15.8
    77/25 4,000 27.6
    180/82 2,500 17.2
    250/121 2,200 15.2
    300/149 1,800 12.4
    350/177 1,200 8.3

    Peel Strength

    T-Peel strength tested per ASTM D1876 after curing for 5 days @ 77F/25C. Adherends are 2024-T3 Alclad aluminum treated with phosphoric acid anodized per ASTM D3933.

    Tested @ 77°F/25°C: 5-8 lb./in. (22-36 N/25mm)

    Bell Peel strength tested per ASTM D3167 after curing for 5 days @ 77F/25C. Adherends are 2024-T3 Alclad aluminum treated with phosphoric acid anodized per ASTM D3933.

    Tested @ 77°F/25°C: 15 lb./in. (67 N/25mm)


    The above values are typical results under ideal conditions. To establish certification values, please refer to the Henkel Aerospace Specification which defines quality control test values, methods and procedures. For a copy of the Henkel Aerospace Specification, contact Henkel's Literature Desk at (925) 458-8000.

    Service Temperature

    Service temperature is defined as that temperature at which this adhesive still retains 1000 psi/6.9 MPa using test method ASTM D1002 and is approximately 350F/177C.

    Bulk Resin Properties
    Tensile Properties - tested using 0.125 inch/3.18 mm castings per ASTM D638, cured 5 days @ 77F/25C.

      Tensile Strength @ 77F/25C: 8,070 psi / 55.6 MPa
      Tensile Modulus, dry @ 77F/25C: 717 ksi / 4940 MPa
      Elongation at Break, @ 77F/25C: 2.6%
      Shore D Hardness @ 77F/25C: 90
      Tg (tan delta by DMTA): 163F / 73C
      Shear Modulus, dry @ 77F/25C: 224 ksi / 1543 Mpa

    Compressive Properties - tested with cylindrical specimens 0.5 inch/12.7 mm diameter by 1 inch/25.4mm per ASTM D695.

    Comprehensive Properties psi MPa
    Comprehensive Strength, °F/°C


    Comprehensive Modulus, °F/°C

    429 ksi


    Electrical Properties - tested per ASTM D149, D150.

      Dielectric Constant: 4.22 0.1 KHz / 4.13 1.0 KHz / 3.97 10.0 KHz
      Dissipation Factor: .016 0.1 KHz / .021 1.0 KHz / .033 10.0 KHz

    Handling Precautions

    Do not handle or use until the Material Safety Data Sheet has been read and understood. For industrial use only.

    As with most epoxy based systems, use this product with adequate ventilation. Do not get in eyes or on skin. Avoid breathing the vapors. Wash thoroughly with soap and water after handling. Empty containers retain product residue and vapors, so obey all precautions when handling empty containers.

    CAUTION! This material may cause eye and skin irritation or allergic dermatitis. It contains epoxy resins.

    WARNING! This material causes eye and skin irritation or allergic dermatitis. It contains amines.

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