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596135 has been substituted by 594094
Henkel suggests 594094 as a replacement for 596135
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    Henkel 594094 BONDERITE® M-CR 600™ AERO Light Metals Conversion Coating - 5 Gallon Pail

    Henkel 596135 Alodine 1200S "Ready to Use" Conversion Coating - 5 Gallon Pail

    The Henkel 596135 Alodine 1200S conversion coating five-gallon pail is a great addition to any garage. The Alodine 1200S is ready to use, requiring zero mixing for fast and convenient use! Use our Henkel Alodine liquid to produce a chromate conversion coating on your aircraft's aluminum. Conversion coating has many advantages, including use as a corrosion inhibitor and primer. Our ready-to-use Alodine coating will allow your aluminum to maintain electrical conductivity. This product can be used on any aluminum machinery.

    Protect your metal from corrosion and wear with Henkel 59613. Purchase this five-gallon container to service your aircraft for years! The Alodine 1200S RTU creates a decorative finish that will make your aluminum shine. Protect unpainted aluminum with this Henkel item. Apply using any acid-resistant swab, brush or synthetic sponge. Strengthen your aircraft's aluminum surfaces and boost their performance. The ready-to-use Alodine 1200's easy application makes this product perfect for any handy aviator.

    Operating Summary

    Chemical: ALODINE 1200s-RTU

    Bath Preparation per 100 Gallons: Used as received without dilution.

    Operation and Control: Apply the coating chemical using an acid-resistant brush, swab or synthetic sponge.

    Time: 1 to 5 minutes.

    Temperature: 65° to 95° Fahrenheit

    The Process

    The complete process normally consists of the following steps:

    1. Cleaning
    2. Rinsing
    3. Treating with the ALODINE 1200S-RTU processing solution
    4. Rinsing
    5. Drying

    The work, after drying, is ready for use either painted or unpainted.




    Acid-resistant (rubber, stainless steel, or plastic) buckets, troughs, or other suitable containers are used to hold the coating chemical solution. Lead, glass, tin or galvanized iron should not be used. Storing the solution in mild steel containers will result in the decomposition of the solution and is not recommended.

    NOTE: ALODINE 1200S-RTU saturated nylon brush or roller, sponges, swabs, etc., should be thoroughly washed with water before allowing to dry or discarding. Otherwise, they may constitute a fire hazard.

    Surface Preparation

    Cleaning: All metal to be treated with the processing solution must be free from corrosion, grease, oil and other foreign materials before treatment. A complete line of cleaners is available. Our representative will recommend the proper cleaner or your processing needs.

    Water Rinsing: After cleaning, the metal must be thoroughly rinsed with water. The rinse should be overflowed continuously at a rate which will keep it clean and free from scum and contamination.

    Treating with the ALODINE 1200S-RTU Processing Solution

    Apply the coating chemical solution liberally to the aluminum surface. Treat only as large an area at one time as can be conveniently handled with the equipment being used (approximately 6 to 10 square feet of surface).

    Use as many applications as necessary to get the desired coating, allowing approximately one to five minutes reaction time before final water rinsing. The color of the coating will range from a light, iridescent gold to tan depending on the aluminum alloy, temperature and number of applications.


    Time: 1 to 5 minutes.

    Temperature: 65° to 95° Fahrenheit.

    After Treatments

    Rinsing and Drying: Unreacted coating chemical should be removed by one of the following methods:

    1. Flush the work thoroughly with clean water followed by (a) air drying; (b) blowing dry with compressed air; (c) warm or hot air drying; or (d) wiping dry with clean cloths.
    2. Wipe with water-damp cloths followed by wiping dry with clean cloths.

    Any seams, joints and crevices should be blown dry with clean, dry, compressed air and the moisture splatters wiped dry with clean rags.

    Storage Requirements

    This chemical should be stored indoors away from alkaline and organic materials. Do not allow ALODINE 1200S-RTU to freeze. Do not store with chlorine containing materials.

    Waste Disposal Information

    Applicable regulations covering disposal and discharge of chemical should be consulted and followed.

    Disposal information is given on the Material Safety Data Sheet for this product.

    The solution is acidic and contains hexavalent chromium and fluoride. Waste treatment and neutralization may be required prior to discharge.

    Precautionary Information

    When handling the chemical products used in this process, the first aid and handling recommendations on the Material Safety Data Sheet should be read, understood and followed.

    The product when used as supplied contains chromic acid in excess of 0.1 percent. The following statement, or one similar to it, should be included as part of the process tank labeling [29 CFR 1910.1200(f)(4)].

    "POSSIBLE CANCER HAZARD, CONTAINS CHROMIC ACID WHICH MAY CAUSE CANCER BASED ON ANIMAL DATA. Risk of cancer depends on duration and level of exposure."

    Refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet for additional information.

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