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HomeShop SuppliesMetal PrepHenkel 592726 BONDERITE® M-CR 120 AERO Chromate Conversion Coating Kit
Henkel 592726 BONDERITE® M-CR 120 AERO Chromate Conversion Coating Kit
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Henkel 592726 BONDERITE® M-CR 120 AERO Chromate Conversion Coating Kit

Part#: 592726
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    (SDS) Safety Data Sheet Information
    Code: UN3264 | Class: 8 | Group: II - Details |
    (SDS) Safety Data Sheet: MSDS1
    CA Prop 65 WarningWarning: This product may contain a chemical known by the State of California to cause health issues. Details found here

    The Henkel Alodine 120 Kit from SkyGeek contains everything you need to preserve the electrical conductivity of your aircraft’s sensitive electronic components. The kit includes one quart of Deoxidine 605, one quart of Alodine 1201, two polyethylene 250 mL breakers and one nylon brush. Instructions are included to describe how the components should be mixed together for optimal effectiveness. Use the fully equipped Henkel Alodine kit for your chromate conversion coating needs and keep your aircraft in compliance with MIL-DTL-5541 specifications. You can also use the alodine kit to clean and treat your aircraft's aluminum surfaces. The convenient brush-on formula is easy to use and delivers excellent results. When used properly and under normal conditions, the Alodine 120 kit treats about 100 square feet of aluminum!

    The Henkel Alodine 120 Kit can be used to passivize aluminum, which can inhibit corrosion inhibitor or primer. Create a decorative polish or preserve electrical conductivity with the Alodine 120 kit. Purchase this affordable kit at SkyGeek today and enjoy its easy, hassle-free application. The formula is ideal for any handy pilot or mechanic and is a great value. One kit covers up to 100 square feet of aluminum.

    Operating Summary

    The products are used as received to produce the coating on aluminum.

    The Process

    The complete process for treating aluminum with ALODINE 120 BRUSH KIT normally consists of the following steps:

    1. Cleaning with DEOXIDINE® 605
    2. Water rinsing
    3. Treating with ALODINE 1201
    4. Water rinsing
    5. Drying


    A synthetic sponge, goggles, rubberized gauntlets, a respirator (if the solutions are sprayed) and clean wiping cloths.

    NOTE: Beaker and brushes should be washed out with water after cleaning and after coating with ALODINE.

    Surface Preparation

    Cleaning: Surfaces previously anodized or coated with ALODINE should be cleaned with paint or lacquer thinner applied with a clean brush or rags prior to spot treatment with ALODINE. A steam jenny or gun with non-etching alkali may be used.

    Surfaces not previously coated and/or corroded surfaces should be cleaned with DEOXIDINE 605. Brush the DEOXIDINE liberally on the surface, scrubbing oily areas thoroughly. Keep the surface wet with this solution for 1 to 3 minutes before rinsing.

    Rinsing:Before the DEOXIDINE dries, rinse the work thoroughly with clean water from a hose or by using clean water and applying with a brush, sponge or rag. After rinsing, the surface should be checked carefully to see that all surfaces are thoroughly wet. If there are "water break" areas, the surface is still dirty or oily and should be retreated with DEOXIDINE solution until water rinsing produces a "water break" free surface - or, in other words, a uniformly wetted surface.

    It is not necessary to dry the rinsed surface prior to the application of ALODINE; keeping the rinsed surface wet with water prior to the application of ALODINE will assist in obtaining a more uniform ALODINE coating.

    Treating with ALODINE 1201

    Buildup: The ALODINE 1201 is used as received.

    The coating produced with ALODINE 1201 in accordance with the above directions, meets the requirements of Military Specification MIL-C-5541B - for Class No. 1A, painted or unpainted. Other ALODINE chemicals are available to meet other application methods and Classes of this specification.

    Aluminum properly treated with ALODINE 1201 usually has a thin, iridescent golden coating. The coating is hard and free from powder if the chemical has been properly applied.

    When ALODINE is applied with a brush, the coating appears to be nonuniform. Streaks arising from brush marks and "rundown" of excess solution from the brush will be evident but these are not harmful. These conditions may be exaggerated if the metal has not been properly cleaned.

    More surface uniformity will be obtained by applying the ALODINE to an aluminum surface which is wet with water from the cleaner rinse; or by applying it with a conventional paint spray gun.

    Operation: Apply the ALODINE 1201 with a brush, paint spray gun, cellulose sponge, etc., to the cleaned and rinsed aluminum surface, liberally, quickly and evenly; and allow it to act from 1 to 5 minutes before rinsing.

    The solution should be applied to only as much surface as can be coated and rinsed before the ALODINE solution dries. Proceed with the coating and rinsing until the entire surface is coated with ALODINE.

    After Treatment

    Rinsing: re the ALODINE dries, wipe it from the surface with a clean cloth or sponge wet with clean water. The ALODINE may also be rinsed from the surface with clean water from a hose.

    Drying: After the rinsing, allow the work to air dry. Drying can be speeded by wiping with clean, dry rags. Clean, dry, compressed air should be used to blow moisture from joints, depressions, etc., and to speed the drying. When the surface is entirely dry, the part is ready for service without further treatment, or if desired, it may be painted in accordance with manufacturer's directions.

    NOTE: If the work coated with ALODINE is to be painted, it should not be touched with bare hands. If painting is delayed, remove dust with clean, dry rags. If oil collects on the surface coated with ALODINE, remove it with paint thinner.

    Storage Requirements

    cts should not be permitted to freeze or be exposed to temperature in excess of 100° Fahrenheit. Shelf life is one year.

    Waste Disposal Information

    Applicable regulations covering disposal and discharge of chemicals should be consulted and followed.

    Disposal information for the chemicals in the form as supplied is given on the Material Safety Data Sheet for each product.

    The cleaning and processing baths are acidic. DEOXIDINE 605 contains phosphates and ALODINE 1201 contains hexavalent chromium and fluorides. Waste treatment and neutralization may be required prior to discharge to the sewer. (Refer to Waste Treatment Information Bulletin WT1004, available on request.)

    The processing bath and sludge can contain ingredients other than those present in the chemical as supplied and analysis of the solution and/or sludge may be required prior to disposal.

    Rags, sponges, swabs, etc., used for applying or removing the ALODINE solution should not be allowed to dry out. If allowed to dry, they may constitute a fire hazard. Immediately after use they should be thoroughly washed in water before discarding.

    Precautionary Information

    When handling the chemical products used in this process, the first aid and handling recommendations on the Material Safety Data Sheet for each product should be read, understood and followed.

    The products are acidic and may cause irritation of the skin and eyes. Do not get in eyes, on skin or on clothing. See Material Safety Data Sheet for appropriate protective clothing. In case of contact, follow the recommendations on the Material Safety Data Sheet for ALODINE 1201.

    Handle the chemicals carefully, observing the usual precautions taken in the handling of acidic materials. Keep all unused chemicals tightly sealed when not in use. Goggles, rubberized gauntlets and protection for the clothing must be worn; if solutions are sprayed, a respirator must be worn.

    Clothing contaminated with ALODINE 1201 can become dangerously flammable. Immediately remove contaminated clothing and rinse thoroughly with water.

    Contact of combustible material with ALODINE 1201 may cause fire.

    ALODINE 1201 contains chromic acid in excess of 0.1 percent. The following statement should be included as part of the label for containers in which it is stored:

    "POSSIBLE CANCER HAZARD, CONTAINS CHROMIC ACID WHICH MAY CAUSE CANCER BASED ON ANIMAL DATA. Risk of cancer depends on duration and level of exposure."

    Refer to attached Material Safety Data Sheets for additional information.

    Product Details
    Country of Origin: United States
    UOM : Each
    Pack Quantity : 1
    Ship Dimensions : 8 x 4 x 12 inches
    Shipping Weight : 1 pounds
    Manufacturer P/N : 592726
    ECCN : EAR99
    Schedule B Code : 3824.90.9290
    Disclaimer: While reasonable efforts have been made to ensure all information on this website is accurate, and Styles Logistics, Inc. do not assume responsibility for any errors or omissions. All specifications, illustrations, data and prices are subject to change without notice.
    In The Box
    Each kit contains:

  • 1 quart Deoxidine 605
  • 1 quart Alodine 1201
  • Two(2) beakers, polyethylene, 250 ml
  • One(1) brush, nylon
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