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Cell Phone Aircraft Headset Adapters

Pilot USA PA-86BLU/B BluLink BOSE® 6-Pin Lemo-Redel Aviation Headset Cell Phone Adapter
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Make using your cell phone in-flight easier by investing in an aviation headset cell phone adapter from Our high-quality aviation headset adapters allow you to call ATC from the plane when you're fully ready to go or to contact the FBO when you need instant access to an operator. What's more, our aviation headset adapters can help you get in touch with emergency services should you have an issue while you're up in the sky. The adapters feature hands-free operation, allowing you to use your headset's speakers and microphone to make and receive calls instead of your phone. Our selection of headset adapters have cutting-edge technologies built right in, including Bluetooth capability that allows you to use your cell phone or any music source wirelessly in the cockpit. SkyGeek offers a wide range of cell phone headset adapters to fit any budget and preferences. Choose a PilotUSA model for amplified power that runs on one 9-volt battery or one of our other top-quality brands. Our flexible adapters are great for aircraft with or without audio panels.

Cell phones have become an essential tool in our flight bag. Remember getting a void-time-clearance at an airport where you couldn't raise ATC on the ground? You had to call ATC from the pay-phone during a brief 10-minute window then make a mad-dash to the plane in time to takeoff. Pilots would often forget checklists or skip steps to avoid missing their window for takeoff. Fortunately, those days are long over because just about every pilot has a cell phone.

With a cell phone, pilots can simply call ATC from the plane when they're fully ready to go. However, it can be hard to hear on a cell phone over the engine noises. In order to make a cell phone practical, it needs to be patched into the aircraft's audio system. That's where cell phone adapters come into play. Calls to the ATC or the FBO can be done right through your existing headset without unneeded noise. With today's technology, there's really no good reason to be without one of these in every airplane with headsets.

SkyGeek carries three different brands of headset adapters, to fit all budgets:

  1. SafetyCell (Best): If you've got an audio panel, this is the one to get. It's amplified using the aircraft's audio panel power. Simple; no batteries to worry about.
  2. PilotUSA (Better): Also amplified, but runs on one 9V battery. Good for aircraft with or without audio panel. Flexible.
  3. Avcomm (Good): Straightforward adapter with no amplification, but makes the connection. At the very least get this one to patch your cell phone in.

Get yourself a high-quality headset adapter today for safety and convenience. Order one for yourself and pick one up as a gift for a pilot you know.

If you have any additional questions, we encourage you to check out our knowledgeable Help Center.

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