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HomeShop SuppliesAdhesives, Tapes, & SealantsSealantsFuel Tank SealantsFlamemaster CS 3204 B-4 Gray AMS-S-8802C Type 2 Spec Integral Fuel Tank Sealant - 6 oz (3.5 fl oz) Cartridge
Flamemaster CS 3204 B-4 Gray AMS-S-8802C Type 2 Spec Integral Fuel Tank Sealant - 6 oz (3.5 fl oz) Cartridge
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Flamemaster CS 3204 B-4 Gray AMS-S-8802C Type 2 Spec Integral Fuel Tank Sealant - 6 oz (3.5 fl oz) Cartridge

Part#: CS3204B4KIT
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Country of Origin: USA
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Material Safety Information
Code: UN1133 | Class: 3 | Group: III - Details
Material Safety Data Sheet: MSDS1
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Flamemaster CS 3204 B-4 is a fuel resistant sealant for use on integral fuel tanks and pressurized cabins as well as other areas subject to contact with aircraft fuels, lubricants, oils, water and/or weathering.

Flamemaster CS 3204 B-4 is a two-part polysulfide base compound which cures at room temperature to a flexible, resilient rubber with excellent adhesion to aluminum, magnesium, titanium, steel, and numerous other materials. CS 3204 is designed to withstand the attack of sulfur compounds that are present in jet fuels. CS 3204 Class B is a thixotropic paste that will not flow or sag on vertical or overhead surfaces.

SAE Spec#: AMS-S-8802 Rev. C Type 2
Product Details
UOM : Cartridge
Size : 6 oz
Color Family : Gray
Shipping Weight : 0.75 pounds
Manufacturer P/N : CS 3204
NSN : 8030-00-850-0758
Schedule B Code : 3506.91.0000
Disclaimer: While reasonable efforts have been made to ensure all information on this website is accurate, and Styles Logistics, Inc. do not assume responsibility for any errors or omissions. All specifications, illustrations, data and prices are subject to change without notice.
Typical Properties MIS-31868C CS 3204 WT20
Base Compound Aluminum
Curing Agent Black
Mixed Aluminum
Mixing Ratio:
Weight 7.8/10:100 10/100
Volume N/A 8.3/100
Non Volatile 75% 80%
Viscosity Mixed 100-180 PS.a 116 PS.a


11.4% 2% 12.5%
Extrudability Extrudable Pass
Application Life 5 grams min. 90 grams
Squeeze Out Hardness (Shore A) N/A

20 hours

120 Hrs. @24C 1C 35 (min.)

50 (min.)

28 days @24C 1C 50 (min.) 60 (min.)
Shelf Life @ 28C 1C 6 months 6 months
Flash Point N/A + 15C

  • Made for integral fuel tank and pressurized cabin sealing applications
  • Water-, alcohol-, oil-, lubricant-, fuel- and weather-resistant
  • Two-component compound with polysulfide base
  • Cures at room temperature to durable rubber
  • Adheres very well to magnesium, titanium, aluminum, steel and more
  • Provides protection from sulfur compounds in jet fuel
  • Mixed sealant is thixotropic paste
  • Apply to overhead and vertical surfaces without flowing or sagging
  • Great resistance to corrosion and hydrocarbons
  • Mixed compound color: gray
  • Mixing ratio: 10:100 (by weight)
  • 80 percent nonvolatile components
  • Viscosity mixed: 116 PS.a
  • 12.5 percent homogeneity
  • Extrudability: pass
  • Application life: 90 grams
  • Squeeze out hardness (Shore A): 20 hours
  • Specifications


    To obtain good adhesion, remove all traces of oil, wax, grease, dirt, or other contamination. Working in small area segments, wipe the surface using a clean rag doused in an oil free solvent. Before the solvent evaporates, wipe the surface dry with a second clean rag. Maintain a clean solvent supply by pouring the solvent on the washing cloth. CS 3204 will adhere tenaciously to most substrates providing the surface to be sealed is clean and sound.


    CS 3204 Parts A and B are carefully matched at the time of manufacture to provide optimum performance when cured. Care should be taken to assure that Parts A and B are combined as recommended on the container label. When mixing pre-measured kits do not thin CS 3204 with solvents. Prior to combining with the Part A component, stir the Part B component until the contents of the container are uniform. Place all of the B component into the Part A container and continue stirring until a uniform gray color is achieved. There should be no white or black streaks in the properly blended material. Periodically scrape the sides and bottom of the container as well as the mixing tool to assure proper mixing. When using a mechanical mixer, avoid high speeds since the heat generated will reduce the application time of the mixed CS 3204. Violent stirring will also entrap air in the cured sealant.

    When mixing materials packaged in bulk or when only a small quantity is required, stir 10 parts by weight of the Part B component into 100 parts by weight of the Part A component. Be sure to stir the Part B prior to weighing out the required amount.


    Specified application and cure schedules are based on the standard conditions of 77F and 50% relative humidity. Increased temperature and relative humidity will reduce the work life and speed up the cure while reduced temperatures and relative humidity will extend the work life and slow the cure. Cure may be accelerated by heating up to 120F. However care must be exercised to avoid the entrapment of solvent when heat is applied.
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