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Flamemaster CS 3202 Optical Sealant

Flamemaster CS 3202 Optical Sealant

Form a lasting bond between metal and glass materials with the use of Flamemaster CS 3202 optical sealing compound from SkyGeek. This specialty sealant is made for use in optical instruments and fire control instruments. It is specially designed for use by injection to bond glass with steel, aluminum, magnesium and titanium. The uncured sealing compound is a thixotropic paste that won't drip from overhead or vertical surfaces. It cures at room temperature to form resilient and flexible rubber. The two-part formula is made up of a polysulfide-based compound and must be mixed according to the instructions before use.
  • Adhesive sealing compound for bonding metal to glass
  • Made for use in optical instruments and fire control instruments
  • Two-part, polysulfide-based compound
  • Thixotropic paste cures at room temperature
  • Forms flexible, durable rubber
  • Exceptional adhesion to steel, titanium, aluminum, magnesium and glass
  • Can be applied by extrusion gun or spatula
  • Will not flow from overhead or vertical surfaces
  • Shows resistance to lubricants, oils, water, weather and aircraft fuels
  • Retains flexibility and low temperatures
  • Application properties
    -Color Base compound: black
    -Color Curing agent: red-brown
    -Mixed color: black
    -Viscosity spindle # 7 - 2 RPM: 11,000 poises
  • Mixing ratio:
    -Weight 100 : 10
    -Volume 100 : 6.5
  • Application time (life): 3 hours
  • Tack free time: 16 hours
  • Time to 30 REX hardness: 48 hours
  • Vertical flow (slump): < 0.15"
  • Non volatile content: (min) 98 %
  • Cured properties
    -Water vapor permeability: .005 gms. /hr.
    -Specific gravity: 1.45
    -Hardness Shore A: 45
    -Tensile strength: 300 psi
    -Elongation: 450 %
    -Low temperature flexibility: -65 F
    -Fungus resistance: Non-nutrient
    -Corrosion resistance: excellent
  • Fluid resistance
    -MIL-S-3136 type III fuel: excellent
    -Water: excellent
    -Alcohol: excellent
    -Petroleum oil: excellent
    -Synthetic oil: excellent

  • Adhesion minimum 45 lbs./inch
    Aluminum SS steel


    Magnesium Tin Copper
    Glass Polyester Carbon fiber
    Nylon Chromate Epoxy primer
    Water borne primers   Repairability

  • Radiation resistance: (Gamma) 3 X 107 Roentgens less than 25% change in tensile and elongation.
  • Standard conditions 770 F and 50% RH apply unless noted for a specific test
  • Specifications


    To obtain good adhesion, remove all traces of oil, wax, grease, dirt, or other contamination. This is done by wiping with a clean oil free solvent. Clean only small areas at one time and wipe dry with a clean cloth before the solvent evaporates. Maintain a clean solvent supply.


    When mixing pre-packaged kits, the entire contents of base compound (Part A) and curing agent (Part B) should be used. For small quantities, mix 100 parts by weight of Part A to 10 parts by weight of Part B. Part A and Part B are carefully matched in production for optimum performance characteristics. Care should be taken to assure that the Part B packaged with a given Part A isn't separated and used with a different Part A. The lip of the base compound container should be removed to facilitate mixing. Next, stir Part B in its original container until it is homogenous. Add Part B to Part A and mix thoroughly seven to ten minutes or until uniform in color. Scrape sides and bottom of the container to assure a complete mix. CS 3202 may be mixed by hand or with a mechanical mixer. When using a mechanical mixer, use low speeds since high speeds will generate heat and reduce application life.


    CS 3202 may be applied with a pressure gun or a spatula within the specified application life. Specified application lives are based on the standard conditions of 77 deg F and 50% relative humidity. For every 10 deg F rise, the application life is reduced by one half; for every 10 deg F drop, it is doubled.


    The cure period is dependent on the application life, temperature, and relative humidity. Increased temperature and increased relative humidity will speed cure. Reduced temperature and reduced relative humidity will slow cure. Cure may be accelerated by heating up to 120 deg. F.
    Flamemaster CS-3202 B-3 Black A-A-59293 Spec Optical Sealant - Pint (12 fl oz) Can KitView DetailsEnable JS
    Part Number
    Pint (12 fl oz) Can Kit
    $103.95 (Each)
    (Sold in increments of 1)

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    Material Safety Data Sheet:
    Country of Origin: USA
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