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Mooney Engine Mounts

Aircraft ManufacturerAircraft ModelPopular NameNo. of EngineEngine ManufactureEngine ModelNo. of IsolatorsBarry PNLord PN
MooneyM20Mark 201LYCO-3204 J6230-1
MooneyM20Mark 20 (S/N 3185C) LandingGear Shock Disk1LYCO-320  J11968-14
MooneyM20AMark 20A1LYCO-360-AID494150-40J7402-1
MooneyM20AMark 20A1LYCO-360-A1A,-AID494150-01J7402-16
MooneyM20EChaparral (1964 only)1LYCO-360-A1A494150-01J7402-16
MooneyM20EChaparral (S/N 832E) LandingGear ShockDisk1 O-360-A1A  J11968-14
MooneyM20EChaparral (1965 and up)1LYCO-360-A1A494011-02J9613-12
MooneyM20FExecutive (S/N670001F) Landing Gear ShockDisk1LYCIO-360-A1A4 J11968-14
MooneyM20GStatesman(Landing GearShock Disk)1LYCO-360-A1D4 J11968-14
MooneyM20JMark 201 (Landing Gear Shock Disk)1LYCIO-360-A1B6D,-A3B6D,-A3B64 J11968-14
MooneyM20JMark 2011LYCIO-360-A1B6D,-A3B6D,-A3B6494011-20J9613-40
MooneyM20KMark 2311TCMTSIO-360-GB1, -GB3,-GB4494006-01J9613-58
MooneyM20KMark 231 (Landing Gear Shock Disk)1TCMTSIO-360-GB1,-GB3,-GB4,-LB1,-MB1,-MB2,-SB24  
MooneyM20K (S/N 25-0781 thru 25-0889)Mark 2311TCMTSIO-360-LB14 J9613-75,-76
MooneyM20K (S/N 25-1000 thru 25-1999)Mark 2311TCMTSIO-360-LB14 J9613-75,-76
MooneyM20K (S/N 25-2000 thru 25-2012)Mark 2311TCMTSIO-360-LB22+295167-01,-02 
MooneyM20LPFM1 PFM-3200-NO31+295167-01,-02 
MooneyM20MBravo (Landing Gear Shock Disk)1LYCTIO-540-AF1A,-AF1B  J11968-14
MooneyM20MBravo1LYCTIO-540-AF1A,-AF1B4 J9613-82
MooneyM20ROvation2 (Landing Gear Shock Disk)1LYCIO-550-G(5),-G(6),-G(7)  J11968-14
MooneyM20ROvation1TCMIO-550-G(5),-G(6),-G(7)1+3 J9613-75,-76
MooneyM20SEagle21TCMIO-550-G(6)1+3 J9613-75,-76,
MooneyM22Mustang1LYCTIO-541-A1A4 J10520-1

Disclaimer: While reasonable efforts have been made to ensure all information on this website is accurate, and Styles Logistics, Inc. do not assume responsibility for any errors or omissions. All specifications, illustrations, data and prices are subject to change without notice. In most cases the products shown within have been approved by the FAA. However, some items may require further approvals before installation.

This illustrations and data contained on this website are for reference purposes only. Final verification of the proper part number is the responsibility of the installer.

Reproduction of any part of this website by any means without the written consent of Styles Logistics, Inc. is strictly prohibited.

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