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Diesel Oil

AeroShell Oil Diesel Ultra 5W-30 Synthetic Multi-Grade Aircraft Oil - Liter Bottle
SkyGeek Price: $15.49
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Shell Rotella® T4 Triple Protection™ 15W-40 Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine Oil
Starting At: $5.82
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SkyGeek Price: $5.36
Sale Price: $3.35
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Mobil Delvac MX™ 122214 Amber SAE Grade 15W-40 Diesel Engine Oil - Gallon Jug
SkyGeek Price: $29.45
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ExxonMobil 112786 Delvac Super 1300 SAE Grade 15W-40 Diesel Engine Oil - Gallon Jug
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The casual consumer of fuel has been wary of using diesel. Diesel has been demonized over the years, in large part for its less than environmentally-friendly reputation as compared to its gasoline counterpart.

But many forget that it has benefits, mainly that of fuel economy. Diesel possesses high thermal efficiency which translates to a more complete combustion. This in turn leads to better fuel efficiency. In addition, the average temperature of exhaust gas from diesel fuel in a diesel engine is several hundred degrees cooler than gasoline. As a result, diesel engines are lighter in weight because of reduced cooling surfaces (smaller radiator) are required.

If you have a diesel engine then, congratulations, you are at least familiar with the above advantages and others as well. If you're running low on fuel, it's time to restock. Well, look no further.

Our selection of diesel oil is specifically designed to protect bearings, battle sulfurous contaminants and help prevent corrosion in your aircraft's diesel engine. It also helps remove sludge and buildup that accumulates after normal operation, thus preserving the innards of your power plant.

Choose from our supply of 10W-40 and 15W-40 diesel oils and feel safe in knowing that when it comes to diesel, these products won't weasel you out of money. Exxon Mobil's Coolanol 25R, Brayco Micronic 889 coolant and ROYCO 602 coolant fluid are ideal for commercial and private aircraft. Since they're generally non-corrosive and have minimal reactivity with water, your aircraft's operating systems run cleaner and last longer than they would if you were using off-brand alternatives. They're also radiation-resistant, which means they won't react negatively under exposure to high levels of radiation.

As mentioned, these aviation coolants are extremely stable at both ends of the temperature scale; they work well in frigid temperatures as well as high heat environments. With high flash and auto-ignition points, low volatility and wide ranges of compatibility, these engine coolants are versatile enough for several applications.

SkyGeek is an authorized retailer so feel safe in buying this kind of item from us. Now that's cool.

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