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Aviation Fuel Test Kits

AvLabs AL-BC Jet-A /Diesel Fuel Bacterial Field Test Kit
SkyGeek Price: $31.18
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AvLabs JM-3765 Syringe for Shell Kit (C4)
SkyGeek Price: $27.07
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Biobor® HUM-Bug Aviation Fuel Detector Kit
SkyGeek Price: $22.42
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FQS FQS-035 MicrobMonitor2® Fuel Microbial Growth Detector Kit
SkyGeek Price: $306.67
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Sartomer Sar-Gel Water and Water/Alcohol Indicating Paste - 1 oz Tube
SkyGeek Price: $9.15
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Shell AER3019 Water Detector - 8 Tubes - 10 Pills per Tube
SkyGeek Price: $131.95
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Shell SA1016 Water Detector Syringe - 5 mL
SkyGeek Price: $13.75
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"Waiter, what's this fly doing in my soup?" "I believe it's the backstroke." We can't help you with bugs in your food (except to suggest eating in a different restaurant), but we can help you with junk in your aviation fuel. Our aviation fuel test kits are used to discover if your fuel contains any fungus, bacteria or some other type of microbial contaminant. Our handy kits are compact enough to keep in a toolbox or out in the field and deliver results that are as accurate as a laboratory without all of the equipment. Get fast results using our diesel fuel test kits so you can know exactly what you're dealing with.

Contamination in your fuel is a real problem. It can lead to premature tank corrosion or leaks, clogged gauges, clogged fuel lines or even clogged filters. Damaged fuel components can lead to a sudden loss in fuel pressure, causing dangerous flight conditions. It's important to check your fuel regularly to ensure it's clean and free of debris. In addition to microbial test kits, we also carry high-quality water detectors and replacement syringes. Protect your fuel supply by keeping well informed with these reliable fuel test kits.

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