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HomeTools & Hangar EquipmentTime Rite KitsAircraft Tool Supply I200B18 Basic 18mm Time-Rite Kit - Arms & Scales Not Included
Aircraft Tool Supply I200B18 Basic 18mm Time-Rite Kit - Arms & Scales Not Included
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Aircraft Tool Supply I200B18 Basic 18mm Time-Rite Kit - Arms & Scales Not Included

Part#: I200B18
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    The classic tool for timing all types of aircraft engines. Timing is accomplished by means of pivot arm actuated by the piston's motion, a slide pointer, automatically referenced by the pivot arm and an adjustable calibrated scale.

    Install Time-Rite in the spark plug hole of the timing cylinder and turn the engine through one complete cycle which leaves the slide pointer at the highest piston travel point, permitting alignment of the zero degree position on the calibrated scale with the slide pointer.

    Timing degree positions measured from the zero degree scale mark represent angular, crankshaft positions relative to true top dead center as obtained by methods using a pointer and protractor on the crankshaft.

    This is the BASIC 18MM unit which does not include scales or arms, which must be purchased separately.

    Technical data for this product is available by Clicking Here


    E-165, E-185, E-225 and 0-470-A, -E, -J, -11 and -15 engines with cylinder #532452 are timed with the -D arm (hook end up) and a -10 scale. The cylinder number is located on the top of the cylinder casting between the rocker box cover stud bosses. After screwing the indicator in tightly turn the cap so that the “T” slot is in line with the rocker box screw and the scale is to the left.

    E-165, E-185, E-225 and 0-470-A, -E, -J, -11 and -15 engines equipped with cylinders #536727, 538348, 538610 are timed with the -E arm (hook end down) and the -13 scale. After screwing the indicator in tightly turn the cap so that the “T” slot is in line between the rocker box screws and the scale is to the left.

    The side of the -13 scale is imprinted with the following notation: “Continental E Series Engines” is applicable to the series of engines covered above. It should be noted that these engines may have mixed cylinders (both old and new style cylinders) so the cylinder number should always be checked to find the correct arm and scale to be used.

    Continental 0-470-B and -13 engines may be timed with the opposite side of the -13 scale imprinted with the following notation “Continental 0-470-Series.” NOTE: In using the Time-Rite on engines equipped with cylinder #536727, 538348, 538610 there may be interference between the largest OD of the Time- Rite and the rocker box cover stud boss. It is permissible to file enough of this boss away so that the Time-Rite will seat on the spark plug hole seat. If necessary to file the rocker box stud boss, it should be done with care and no more material should be removed than is necessary. A dab of zinc chromate paint or alodine on the exposed surface is desirable.

    On O-470 -B, -G, -H, -K, -L, -M, -N, -P, -130, IO-470-C, -D, -E, -F, GSO-526-A, and FSO-526-A engines, interference may be encountered between the tapered portion of the Time-Rite body and the cooling fins of the intake section of the cylinder head. This interference can be eliminated, without detriment to the engine, by filing off, with a smooth file, sufficient material from the fin to allow the Time-Rite to seat itself on the spark plug hole seat. The amount of material removed should not exceed 1/4 of an inch on the first fin and progressively reduced through the next six fins. Care should be taken to blend the radii and coat the exposed metal with alodine.

    On engine 0-470-B, -G, -H, -K, -L, -M, -N, -P, -13 and IO-470-C, -D, -E, F align the “T” slot in the Time-Rite Cap two-thirds of the way between the first and second studs from right to left.

    The Continental GSO-526-A engine is timed both BTC and ATC depending on the magneto being used. The FSO-526-A is timed ATC. Be sure to use the correct side of the scale for the particular timing position desired.

    ALLISON V-1710

    Use Pivot Arm “-H” with the bent end pointing down, and Calibrated Scale “-12.” This arm and scale calibration is applicable to all models of Allison engines for ignition timing. Valve opening and closing may also be checked on all models except certain early models having a 6.65:1 compression ratio. It is recommended that Time-Rite be installed in the outside spark plug hole of #6 cylinder (left front bank)

    FRANKLIN ENGINES (Aircooled Motors, Inc.)

    Whenever possible, it is recommended that you install the Time-Rite in the top spark plug hole. On 0-425 series, it is necessary to install the Time-Rite using the method as described in the “Note” accompanying step 1.


    Use Pivot Arm I-205-J with bent end pointing down, and Calibrated Scale I-209-15. Install in the outside cylinder A-6, left front bank. 14MM Body Assembly required.


    0-360-AlA, 0-340-AlA, 0-235, 0-290, 0-435, and GSO-580. On these engines, interference with rocker box flanges prevents the use of Time-Rite in top spark plug holes. Therefore, install Time-Rite in the bottom spark plug holes of #1 cylinder or in any other cylinder, if necessary The scale will be to the right when Indicator is correctly installed

    PRATT & WHITNEY ENGINES (Wasp Major R-4360 Engines)

    The Model G-18 Time-Rite should be used for all Wasp Major Engines except the R-4360 High Ignition Systems. These systems may be timed with either Model B or Model C-18. Complete instructions for the Model G-18 indicator kit assembly are contained in a separate instruction book furnished with the G-18 indicator kit assembly. The Model D-18 (with Pivot Arm I-205-AX and Scale I-209-16) should be used exactly as the Model B Time-Rite using the cylinder chart below.

    Engine ModelCylinderTiming Mark on Scale
    R-4360-41D-1, D-2, D-3, D-6, D-7, D-3, D-520 BTC, 22 BTC


    Time-Rite may be installed in either #1 or #6 cylinder


    R-3350. Time-Rite may be used for all timing operations on R-3350 engines. Its use is advocated to correctly time fuel injector units, thus insuring fuel injection to all cylinders at the proper position of piston travel. For full details, the engine manufacturer should be consulted. On R-3350-26W engines Time-Rite should be installed in the front spark plug hole. The interference between the Time-Rite and the intake pipe does not allow its use in the rear plug hole.

    R-975, R-760 - Use scale I-209-4. Use Pivot Arm “C” with the Hook-End Down.

    ALLISONV-1710-143, -145B1812HDn.
    C-75, C-85, C-115, C-125B185ACUp
    C-90, C-145, 0-300-A thru D, 0-200 A thru FB1810BCUp
    E-165, E-185, 1, 3, 8, 9, 11; E-225-4, 8 (with 532452 Cylinders); IO-470-J, 0470-A, E, J, 11, 15 (with 532452 Cylinders)B1810ADUp
    E-165, E-185, 1, 3. 8, 9, 11, E-225-4, 8; O-470-A, E, J, 11, 15 (with 536727, 538348, 528610 Cylinders)B1813AEDn.
    FSO-526-A (ATC), GSO-526-A (ATC)B1820AX
    G10-300, GO-300-A, B, C, EB1821AUUp
    GSO-526-A (BTC)B1820BADn.
    IO-470-C, G; 0-470-B, G, H, M, N, P, 2, 13B1813BEDn.
    IO-470-D, E, F, H, K, L, M, N, RB1817SUp
    O-470-G, HB1821BTUp
    O-470-K, LB1817ASUp
    R-9A, R-760, R-975-C1, C2, C3B184ACDn.
    FRANKLIN4A4; 6A4-150, 165; 6V4-178; 0-335-3, 4B147BADn.
    6A4-200, 6V4-200, O-335-2, 5, 5A, 5B, 6, 6B, YO-335-5B148BGDn.
    6A6-245, 6A8, 6V6-245, O-425-1, 5, 9B148ARDn.
    JACOBS L4, R755AB186BCDn.
    LYCOMINGD2, O-145-B, CB189ACUp
    0-235, 0-290-11, O320, A, C, E; O435-17, 23, O-480-1, A1, A6, GO-435, VO-435, GO-480-A1, A6, B, B6, D, F, F6, GO-580, GSO-480-A1A6, B1A6, B1B6, GSO-580, IGSO-480-A, A1, A6, B6, 10-320A TVO-435, TVO-435-B1AB189BEDn.
    O-340-A, O-290-D2B, O-290-D2CB1818BVDn.
    GO-480C, C1B6, C2D6; G2D6; GO-480-C1D6; GO-480-C2C6B1819EDn.
    IMO-360-A, O-360-A, A1A, VO-360, MO-360, IGO-540, 0540-A, A1A; VO-540, IGSO-540, HIO-360B, 0-340-A1AB1818ADDn.
    R-680 (5:5:1)B183ACDn.
    IMO-360-B B1819EUp
    IO-320-B1A, B, C; 0-320-B, D; GO-480-B1B; B1DB, D1A; 0-235-C1, O-290D, O2B, 0-435A, GO-435-C2, C2A, C2B, D1; GSO-590C, GSO-580D, 0-540-B2B5B189AEDn.
    O-360A1D, O-360C, O-540D, E, F, IO-540-D4A5, IO-360A, B, D, IO-360-A1B6B1829AUUp
    VO-360A, VO-360B, IVO-360A, HO-360A, HO-360B, HIO-360B, IO-540C, IO-540D, IO-540J, HO-360, IGSO-540-A1AB1818ADUp
    IO-720, IO-360-A1AB1818AVUp
    0-360B, 0-540BB1819RUp
    0-290D, 0-435AB1813AVDn.
    PRATT & WHITNEYR-985, R-1830B1824AAUp
    R-2000 R-2800B1824BAUp
    R-1340-H1, R-2180B1823AADn.
    ROLLS-ROYCEV-1650, 23, 25B1415JDn.
    GIPSY QUEEN 30 MK.2 & 70 MK.2B1425ACDn.
    GIPSY MAJOR 140B1428ADUp
    GIPSY MAJOR 10 MK.2B1425BRDn.
    WARNER125, 145, 165, 185B186ACDn.
    WRIGHTR-1300-1A, 2A, 3, 4, C7BA (805941)B1811AKUp
    R-3350-75 (80594) 749C188D1 (805941)B1811BGUp
    R-1820-54, 72 WA, 60, 62, 62A, 74W, 76, 76A, 76B, 76C, 76D, 80, 80A, 82, 82A, 84, 84A, C, D, 86, 86A, 97, 101, 103, 103A, C9GB, C9GC, C9HD, C9HE (805940)B182BBUp
    R-2600-8, 13, 20, 29, C1488, R-3350-8, 13, 23A, 24W, 24WA, 35, 35A, 57M, 57AM, 83; 745C18BA-3 (805940)B182ABUp
    R-3350-26W, 26WA, 26WB, 30W, 30WA, 30WB, 32W, 34, 77, 85, 89, 91 (805942), 861C18CA-2, 956C18CA, 927TC18DA-1, 2, 3, 4; 975C18CB-1, 988TCl8EA-1, 2, 3B1814BMUp
    R-760, R-975B184ACDn.
    Product Details
    UOM : Kit
    Pack Quantity : 1
    Ship Dimensions : 12 x 8 x 4 inches
    Shipping Weight : 2 pounds
    Manufacturer P/N : I200B18
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