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ROYCO® 717 Power Transmission Fluid

ROYCO® 717 Power Transmission Fluid

Old or low reserves of transmission fluid can spell big trouble in the skies. That's why SkyGeek carries top-rated ROYCO® 717 Power Transmission Fluid. The pale, straw - colored hydraulic fluid is blended with highly refined mineral base oils and modern additive technology to provide protection against rust, wear and demulsibility. It lubricates all of the individual components of your aircraft's transmission while simultaneously protecting it against oxidation and corrosion. The fluid has improved viscosity-temperature characteristics as well as several other enhancements to allow it to outperform the competition.

ROYCO® 717 is recommended for use in applications requiring a constant source of fluid power to hydraulic components, such as the transmission system of your aircraft. The fluid is suitable for use in hydraulic systems involving mechanical or fibrous type filters or centrifugal purification. It is noncorrosive to bearings and hydraulic systems and does not cause clogging of oil screens or valves. The fluid remains homogeneous over the temperature range of -34°C to 4°C.

Order ROYCO® 717 Power Transmission Fluid today at SkyGeek for the best prices and fast shipping. The fluid is priced competitively and arrives in a simple ready-to-use formula to get your aircraft up and off the ground. If you need power, performance and reliability all in one, you need ROYCO® 717 Transmission Fluid from SkyGeek.

  • High Viscosity Index
  • Rust and Corrosion Inhibition
  • Wide temperature application
  • Good Emulsion Stability
  • Full power operation under moderate water contamination and high humidity environments
  • Non-corrosive to system components; does not form deposits of precipitates which can close fitting components.
PropertiesTest MethodROYCO 717
Kinematic Viscosity, cSt @ 100oCASTM D44510.65
Kinematic Viscosity, cSt @ 40oCASTM D44531.25
Kinematic Viscosity, cSt @ -20oCASTM D44305
Kinematic Viscosity, cSt @ -35oCASTM D445878
Pour Point, oCASTM D97-51
Flash Point, oCASTM D92113
Fire Point, oCASTM D92116
Neutralization No., mq KOH/gASTM D9740.10
Water Content, %ASTM D950.05
API Gravity, 15.6oCASTM D28728.7
ColorASTM D15001.0
Low Temperature TurbidityspecPass
Rust PreventionASTM D665APass
Corrosion and Oxidation Stability, 72 hrs. @ 93oC
     Corrosion stability: Cu Wt. loss, mg/cm2
     no pitting or etching
     Oxidation stability: Viscosity change
     Neutralization number mq/KOH
Evaporation, 6 hours, 66oC, % weight lossASTM D9725.4
Emulsion Stability/ Water Sludging after 24 hoursspecPass
Low Temperature Turbidity, -37oC, 72 hoursspecPass
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