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HomeTools & Hangar EquipmentScrew & Bolt ExtractorsAlden 7017P Drill-Out® / Micro Grabit® Broken Bolt 7-Piece Extractor Kit
Alden 7017P Drill-Out® / Micro Grabit® Broken Bolt 7-Piece Extractor Kit
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Alden 7017P Drill-Out® / Micro Grabit® Broken Bolt 7-Piece Extractor KitAlden 7017P Drill-Out® / Micro Grabit® Broken Bolt 7-Piece Extractor Kit
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Alden 7017P Drill-Out® / Micro Grabit® Broken Bolt 7-Piece Extractor Kit

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DRILL-OUT® is a power extractor designed to remove broken bolts! - a drill bit AND extractor in one!

The DRILL-OUT® tip not only gives you complete control-it allows you to obtain a perfectly centered hole without the tip walking or wandering.

Each tool is engineered with a Winslow self-centering tip and specially designed to drill into rough surfaces that are caused when bolts break.

Each DRILL-OUT® tool has a left hand cutting edge. This helps to loosen, and sometimes even turn, the bolt out during drilling!

  1. Obtain a variable speed reversible power drill and set it for reverse (counter clockwise).
  2. Measure the diameter of the broken bolt to determine the size Drill-Out required. For example, if the broken bolt is 1/4" or 6mm use the 1/4"-M6 Drill-Out. We recommend 3/8" variable speed electric drill. Impact or high horsepower drills may cause damage to Drill-Out.
  3. Attach only the hex end of the Drill-Out securely into the drill chuck and tighten at all three points with the chuck key. Thread collet/extractor back against the drill chuck.
  4. Make sure drill is set in reverse.
  5. Place the tip of the Drill-Out on the center of the broken bolt and begin drilling at the suggested RPMs, see Figure 1. When drilling, never let the drill tip revolve against the bolt without cutting.
  6. With the hole started, stop and observe making absolutely sure that you are at the center of the broken bolt. If you are not centered, simply angle the drill toward the center of the broken bolt and drill until the point of the drilled hole is on center.


  1. With the hole started ON CENTER, hold the drill parallel to the axis of the broken bolt and continue drilling. Do not allow collet/extractor to move down towards tip while drilling. If so, thread collet/extractor back towards chuck.
  2. Stop every 1/16" or 2mm in depth to clean out chips and add cutting oil. Verify each time that you are drilling on center and straight.
  3. Stop drilling just before you reach the front of the collet/extractor. DO NOT let collet/extractor touch the end of the bolt.
  4. Clean out chips from hole and use penetrating oil to help loosen the broken bolt.
  5. Advance the collet/extractor five turns from the drill chuck.
  6. Hold electrical drill firmly with both hands.
  7. Bring drill speed to suggested RPMs and plunge into the hole while applying pressure toward the broken bolt.
  8. The collet/extractor automatically engages and extracts the broken bolt.
  9. If drill stalls during extraction, hand removal is possible. Leave Drill-Out lodged into the bolt and remove tool from drill.
  10. Look to see if you have drilled exactly on center. If so, use a wrench on the square collet/extractor head. Turn counter clockwise to remove the broken bolt. Do not use excessive force, damage to tool may occur.
  11. If you get a lot of resistance when using a wrench, you may have drilled off center, and the Drill-Out tool is biting on the casting or you may be in an impossible situation. If this situation arises, remove Drill-Out tool by turning clockwise. You may have to drill and tap new threads.
  12. To remove Drill-Out from broken bolt, firmly tighten broken bolt in a vise. Using an adjustable wrench turn the collet/extractor clockwise and remove the Drill-Out. If necessary, clamp the hex end of the Drill-Out into the vise and back the collet/extractor off the drill head. Drill-Out is ready to use again.

Helpful Hints

  1. Center punch before drilling to shock bolt.
  2. Penetrating oil or heat is effective on rusted or chemically bonded bolts.
  3. When bolt is broken below a flange, reverse collet/extractor to center Drill-Out
Product Details
UOM : Each
Pack Quantity : 1
Shipping Weight : 0.24 pounds
Manufacturer P/N : 7017P
UPC : 727708070172
EAN : 0727708070172
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  • Bell –shaped drill head helps you stay on center
  • Works on jagged, uneven and rough breaks
  • Self centering drill tip, no walking
  • Drills up to grade 8 and 10.9 class bolts
  • Drill-out - RPM of drill results in greater force – rusted bolts easily extracted
  • In The Box
  • Three regular Drill-Outs (5/16" or 8mm, 3/8" or 10mm, ½" or 12mm)
  • Four micro Drill-Outs (No. 5-6 or 3mm , No. 8 or 4mm, No. 10 or 5mm, No. 12 or 6mm)
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