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Alcor TCP Fuel Treatment
Alcor TCP Fuel TreatmentAlcor TCP Fuel Treatment

Alcor TCP Fuel Treatment

ALCOR TCP Fuel Treatment is accepted by the FAA for use in non-exhaust driven turbocharged Lycoming, Continental, Franklin, Pratt & Whitney, and Wright reciprocating engines.

Sure you can reduce lead fouling by aggressively leaning your engine, why take chances? Since the introduction of 100LL fuel as the main fuel for piston pilots, Alcor has been a leader in giving pilots with low compression engines a choice on how to tackle the nagging problem of getting rid of lead before it can cause problems.

A simple one-shot treatment will give you the peace of mind knowing that lead problems will not ruin your flight by delaying a departure/arrival because of a fouled spark plug or worse a stuck valve caused from lead build up!

Finding that lead fouled plug, if you have an Alcor EGT Analyzer is easy but correcting a stuck valve is not. Remember, TCP won't remove lead already deposited, so make the smart choice today and start using TCP for every fill-up.

Rely on the one and only Alcor TCP for a cleaner and a more reliable running engine from first flight to last.

FAA/PMA approved for all non-turbo charged Continental, Lycoming, and Franklin

  1. Remove cap from can and insert dispenser snugly with plunger all the way down.
  2. Slowly pull plunger to draw TCP Fuel Treatment into dispenser.
  3. The dispenser is calibrated for proper dosage for the number of gallons treated for 100LL grade of avgas. When proper dosage is in dispenser, remove from container and inject into aircraft fuel tank. Replace cap tightly on TCP fuel treatment container for storage. Wipe up spills immediately. May cause paint damage.

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Material Safety Data Sheet:
Code: UN1993 | Class: 3 | Group: II - Click Here for Details
Alcor 73138 TCP Fuel Treatment Syringe Assembly
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