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AeroShell Grease 16 Now Replaced by AeroShell 33
When AeroShell 16 was discontinued in June 2006, it was replaced by AeroShell 33. Why is AeroShell 33 the perfect successor?
  • AeroShell 33 can be used on all Boeing heritage airplanes that would have been using AeroShell 16
  • Can be used in all applications 250F or below
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AeroShell Grease 33 Synthetic Universal Airframe Grease

AeroShell Grease 16 Advanced Multi-Purpose Aircraft Grease

AeroShell Grease 16 is a superior anti-friction bearing grease recommended for anti-friction bearings operating under load at high speeds and high or low temperatures. AeroShell Grease 16 is made with a blend of synthetic polyolester and mineral oil and Microgel non-melting inorganic thickener, which provides long life and high water resistance. Aeroshell 16 has a temperature range of -65?F (-54?C) to +400?F (+204?C.)

NOTICE: Aeroshell Grease 16 has been discontinued and replaced with Aeroshell Grease 33. Below is a letter from Boeing explaining this replacement.

June 7, 2006

Subject: Conversions from AeroShell Grease 16 to AeroShell Grease 33.

Boeing's response to a customer inquiry:

1) Please confirm again that all BMS 3-24 applications up to 250?F = 121?C can be replaced by BMS 3-33.

Reply: Yes, BMS3-33 grease can replace BMS3-24 in all Boeing Commercial airplane applications up to 250F. In fact when Shell announced they would discontinue Aeroshell 16 (BMS3-24), Boeing did a review of current applications of BMS3-24 on commercial airplanes with a plan to release drawing changes to specify an alternate grease for any applications that were 250F or above. The review activity resulted in the conclusion that all identified applications were below 250F. Thus, Boeing now allows BMS3-33 to be used as a substitute for BMS3-24 at all locations, and has authorized this per production substitution drawings 65-88700 (narrow body airplanes) and 012W6100 (wide body airplanes).

2) Please provide detailed information what Boeing aircraft models are affected regarding continued use of grease per BMS 3-24 for specific applications?

Reply: As noted above, this substitution applies to all Boeing heritage airplanes.

3) Please review if e.g. ASG 22 per MIL PRF-81322 could be a suitable replacement for ASG 16 for applications that require a grease per BMS 3-24 in areas with temperatures above 250?F = 121?C. If there are any options available please incorporate additional interchangeability information into the AMMs.

Reply: MIL-PRF-81322 grease would likely be the material we would now specify for applications above 250F. However, since we did not identify any specific location on Boeing Commercial airplanes where BMS3-24 was being used above 250F, we do not recommend using MIL-PRF-81322 in place of BMS3-24. If LTK identifies any high temperature areas where BMS3-24 is currently specified, we would be interested in being made aware of the location.

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