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Mutt Muffs DDR337 Hearing Protection for Dogs - Black
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Mutt Muffs DDR337 Hearing Protection for Dogs - BlackMutt Muffs DDR337 Hearing Protection for Dogs - BlackMutt Muffs DDR337 Hearing Protection for Dogs - BlackMutt Muffs DDR337 Hearing Protection for Dogs - BlackMutt Muffs DDR337 Hearing Protection for Dogs - BlackMutt Muffs DDR337 Hearing Protection for Dogs - BlackMutt Muffs DDR337 Hearing Protection for Dogs - Black

Mutt Muffs DDR337 Hearing Protection for Dogs - Black

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As of April 15th 2011 the standard Gray Mutt Muffs now come in Black only! What dog doesn't look good in black...? Want your Mutt Muffs in Red, Blue , or Pink? Click here!

Protect Their Hearing!

Noise can be dangerous. If it is rather strong and lasts a long time it can damage the hearing of your dog. Imagine how uncomfortable the noise that your dog is exposed to when they fly with you has to be.

Most often reported as the owner's first observation is that during the flight the dog used to sleep, but when wearing Mutt Muffs they seem to be really enjoying the flight and are looking out the window with interest. There is a very good reason for this: your dog was uncomfortable before and that is why they seemed to be asleep; trying to escape into their own little world.

"My dog will never go for having something strapped to their head!" you exclaim. We hear this all the time. Most people are very surprised to see how the dog adjusts so quickly. Most dogs do the math and figure out that they are better off with the Mutt Muffs on their head as opposed to off their head.

When correctly adjusted they will not fall off with vibration. A well-directed paw or human hand is really the only way to take them off.

Can I return it? Sure, no questions asked, but the Muffs must be unchewed and in good condition.

Want to know how to train your dog to wear them? Here are the directions from the creator:
Believe it or not, the best way to acclimate the dog (in most cases) is to muff him up and blast off. It's pretty well guaranteed the dog will get them off, but that's the empirical evidence for the dog that life is way better with them on. Usually that's the one and only time he will take them off in the plane.

Muff Size Typical Dog Weight Head Circumference Maximum Inner Shell Width Maximum Inner Shell Height
X-Small 5-10 lbs 7-9" 1.5" 1.625"
Small 9-25 lbs 9-13" 1.75" 1.75"
Medium 20-60 lbs 13-18" 2.5" 2.5"
Large 50-95 lbs 18-23" 3.25" 3.25"
X-Large +95 lbs +23" 4" 4"

Measure here for a good fitOne important measurement is the width of your dog's ear at the top of his head (red dashed line in the picture).

The overall circumference of your dog's head at the largest point is also a good determination of size. Why, you ask? Because if you choose a size too large, the muffs won't seal well against his head. If this happens you will lose all the sound-reducing properties that the Muffs have to offer.

When in doubt your dog's weight is also a good indicator of which size to choose. No matter what, if you order the wrong size we can always exchange them for the correct size, just let us know and we will take care of it. No hassles!

Width and Height Measurement

Overall Rating for Mutt Muffs DDR337 Hearing Protection for Dogs - Black
(based on 2 reviews)
Mutt Muffs
By Sam from Perth, Western Australia on July 13, 2011
After watching an Alaskan program on flying, I noticed the dogs on the planes were wearing ear muffs. No one in Australia sold mutt muffs so I managed to find and purchased a pair for my young golden retriever who flies weekly. We had no hassles with him wearing them, as soon as has them put on, he goes into his sleep position and awaits his arrival to our farm property. Thanks you for your prompt service, highly recommend

I would recommend this item to a friend.

Mutt Muffs Rule!
By Salty the Golden Retriever on November 14, 2009
Hi, My Golden Retriever, Salty, loves her muffs. Put them on the first time last year and she loved them from the beginning. I fly a lot of Angel Flights and many of my patient fliers ask for Salty to come along on the flights. She always wears her muffs along with her life vest on the over water flights.

Mutt Muffs DDR337 Hearing Protection for Dogs - Black
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Product Details
UOM : Each
Shipping Weight : 2 pounds
Manufacturer P/N : DDR337
UPC : 753182234755
Disclaimer: While reasonable efforts have been made to ensure all information on this website is accurate, and Styles Logistics, Inc. do not assume responsibility for any errors or omissions. All specifications, illustrations, data and prices are subject to change without notice.
  • Hearing protector for animals that straps securely on their head
  • Maximum comfort from specially designed wide foam filled ear seals
  • A dog's head is contoured differently than a human's - Mutt Muffs are engineered with that in mind!
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable straps = optimum fit
  • Inner sound-deadening foam is same density found in high-end human pilot's headsets
  • Proudly made entirely in the USA
  • Patent Pending

Inside shellThe first thing taken into consideration for decibel reduction while designing Mutt Muffs was the acoustic properties of materials used in our product. We selected our materials based on what is currently used in human hearing protection devices with an average advertised reduction of 20 decibels.

The second consideration was the high frequency noise that is beyond the range of human hearing. Assuming the noise reduction properties of Mutt Muffs is in the 15-25 decibel range at human frequencies, we can assume an even better number in the high frequency range.

Here's our Science review lesson for the day:Mutt Muff

The higher frequency, shorter wave length is easier to diminish than the longer wave length of human hearing range.

The reason: the wave has to travel further, in relation to its length, to pass through a given thickness of material. Mutt Muffs are designed not to block out all sound, but to be a passive, noise reducing device that will make a plane ride a comfortable experience for your mutt.

Muff Size Weight of Muff "Real Life Weight Equivalent"
X-Small 1.5 oz. 6 "AAA" Batteries
Small 1.7 oz. 2 "AA" Batteries
Medium 3 oz. 1 "C" Battery & 1 "AAA" Battery
Large 4 oz. 2 "C" Batteries
X-Large 5.8 oz. 1 "D" Battery & 1 "AAA" Battery

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