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Dow Corning 730 Solvent Resistant Sealant

Dow Corning 730 Solvent Resistant Sealant

If you want a sealant that will apply in one step, cure rather quickly (more quickly in moisture), and that might have discoverable uses far beyond the one you bought it for, then try Dow Corning's 730 Solvent Resistant Sealant.

Its primary use is in fuel tank or line situations, where you want the sealant to last under an onslaught of fuel or other solvents. Because it hardens into a rubber with a tensile strength of around 300 pounds per square inch, it won't be bothered by vibration. In addition, it stores well, and cures well by drawing from ambient moisture.

But be quick: Once you've squeezed DC 730 out of the tube to apply it to the surface, you have about 10 minutes before the thin skin begins to form over the substance. From there on out it becomes progressively harder to work with. It will be its fully cured, beautiful, solvent-resistant self in about 24 hours.

Read the Dow Corning Silicone Sealant Brochure for more information.

Dow Corning 730 Solvent Resistant Sealant is not recommended:

  • For continuous underwater immersion where adhesion or structural bonding is required
  • On concrete, brick, mortar or other masonry surfaces
  • On surfaces to be painted; paints do not adhere well to sealant (paint before applying sealant)
  • On materials such as impregnated woods or oil-based caulks that bleed oils
  • In totally confined areas; atmospheric moisture is required for cure on Teflon1-coated materials, polyethylene, polypropylene or methylmethacrylate Plexiglas2); sealant will not adhere well
  • On or near sensitive metals such as copper, brass, zinc, carbon steel, galvanized iron or magnesium; these metals may be corroded, especially in confined cure conditions, due to the acetic acid released during the cure
  • With solvents such as acetone or ketones
  • Specifications

    Typical Properties
    As Supplied
    Color White
    CTM* 0097 Specific Gravity at 77F (25C) 1.40
    CTM 0364 Extrusion Rate, 1/8-inch orifice at 90 psi, g/minute 250
    CTM 0098 Skin-Over Time, minutes 10
    CTM 0095 Tack-Free Time, minutes 25
    Physical Properties As Cured 7 Days at 77F (25C) and 50% RH
    CTM 0099 Durometer Hardness, Shore A, points 40
    CTM 0137A Tensile Strength, psi 300
    CTM 0137A Elongation, percent 200
    CTM 1112 Tear Strength, ppi 27
    CTM 0293 Peel Strength, Aluminum Alloy Alclad 2024T3, with Dow Corning 1200 RTV Prime Coat, ppi 15
    Electrical Properties As Cured 7 Days at 77F (25C) and 50% RH
    Arc Resistance, seconds 124
    CTM 0114 Dielectric Strength, volts/mil 331
    CTM 1139 Dielectric Constant, 100 kHz 5.5
    CTM 1139 Dissipation Factor, 100 kHz 0.0043
    CTM 0313 Volume Resistivity, ohm cm 2.1 x 1013
    Repairability Excellent

    *CTMs (Corporate Test Methods) correspond to standard ASTM tests in most instances. Copies of CTMs are available upon request.

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    Material Safety Data Sheet:
    Code: UN3261 | Class: 8 | Group: III - Click Here for Details
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    Part Number
    Material Safety Data Sheet:
    Code: UN3261 | Class: 8 | Group: III - Click Here for Details
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