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Ameri-King AK 451 406 MHz Emergency Locator Transmitter with Whip & Port Antenna
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Ameri-King AK 451 406 MHz Emergency Locator Transmitter with Whip & Port AntennaAmeri-King AK 451 406 MHz Emergency Locator Transmitter with Whip & Port AntennaAmeri-King AK 451 406 MHz Emergency Locator Transmitter with Whip & Port AntennaAmeri-King AK 451 406 MHz Emergency Locator Transmitter with Whip & Port AntennaAmeri-King AK 451 406 MHz Emergency Locator Transmitter with Whip & Port AntennaAmeri-King AK 451 406 MHz Emergency Locator Transmitter with Whip & Port Antenna

Ameri-King AK 451 406 MHz Emergency Locator Transmitter with Whip & Port Antenna

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Part#: AK451-2D
Our Price: $606.11
$10.00Add the Manufacturer's Certification:
Code: UN3072 | Class: 9 | Group: N/A - Details
Material Safety Data Sheet: MSDS1
Shopping for a new Ameri-King AK 451? You've come to the right place! The Ameri-King AK 451 is a 406 MHz ELT approved by:

  • USA TSO'd
  • Transport Canada
  • European EASA ETSO'd
  • Brazil Anatel
  • It transmits 406 Satellite and 121.5 MHz frequencies, and accuracy for ground search is between 1 and 3 kilometers. Transmitting on the 406 MHz Satellite and 121.5 MHz frequencies ensures that your distress signal reaches the right search team at the right time so you can rest assured that help is on the way. The Ameri-King 451 is undoubtedly your best choice for fast and accurate transmissions. Let SkyGeek make your flight safe, pleasant and worry free!

    Note: It is required that every 406 ELT be registered by the aircraft owner after installation, re-registered every two years, and re-registered if there are any changes to information provided to NOAA in a previous registration, such as telephone numbers, aircraft registration number, change of owner, etc.

    Every 406 ELT is programmed at the factory with a unique identification code used by the Rescue Coordination Center to determine if an emergency has actually occurred. This identifier is called the 15-Hex ID. It is located on the front label of the ELT. This unique identifier is stored in a database maintained by NOAA. It can then be accessed to contact the owner in the event of an ELT activation. Registration is free, and can even be done via the Internet on the NOAA website at:, or at

    This 406 Mhz ELT is programmed for USA Registered Aircraft. If your plane is registered in any country other than the United States we will need a 406 Mhz ELT Programming Data Sheet completed Click Here to Download

    Overall Rating for Ameri-King AK 451 406 MHz Emergency Locator Transmitter with Whip & Port Antenna
    (based on 1 review)
    By Telton from Huntsville, Al. on December 10, 2012
    easy to install and works great.
    flexability, mobility, compact, and, lifesaving.

    I would recommend this item to a friend.

    Ameri-King AK 451 406 MHz Emergency Locator Transmitter with Whip & Port Antenna
    Retrofit instructions from AK-450 to aK-451

    Old Model No.: AK-450-(AF)(AP), ELT 121,5/243 MHz, FAA TSO C91a approved.

    New Model No.: AK-451-(AF)(AP), ELT 406/121,5 MHz, FAA TSO C126/91a approved.

    Retrofit Instructions:

    1. Swap the followings items: ELT with mounting tray; Antenna with Coaxial Cable; Remote Switch Unit with Buzzer.
      • Note 1: All mounting holes and cut out holes are exactly the same.
      • Note 2: Wiring Harness, between ELT and Remote Switch Unit, is exactly the same i.e. Do not change the wiring harness. It is OK to use the existing AK-450 wiring.
      • Note 3: Adding a new Buzzer to be mounted anywhere in the cockpit, i.e. Tie wrap into the aircraft Wiring Harness, or Fasten onto or behind the instrument Panel, or fasten on the Remote Switch Unit.
    2. Register with NOAA (or IBRD) (or National) via on line, or mailing the Registration Form using the provided pre-stamped envelop.

    Quick Operation Check:

    1. Main Switch @ ON position: Same as the AK-450, except you will see the LED lights flashing and Buzzer sound (1 second ON, 4 seconds OFF), in lieu of steady ON. (This is to save Battery Power for the LED Lights and Buzzer).
    2. Main Switch @ ARM position: You will see the 2 LED lights illuminate and Buzzer sound, for 4 seconds, then extinguished.
    3. Wait for additional 20 seconds, then Press the ON Switch on the Remote Switch Unit, ELT swept Tone must be heard on the VHF Radio @121.5 MHz.
    4. The 2 LED lights flashing (1 second ON, 4 seconds OFF), synchronized with the Buzzer sound (1 second ON, 4 seconds OFF).
    5. Press the RESET Switch on the Remote Switch Unit.
    6. Leave the Main Switch @ ARM position at all times.
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    By James from Duluth,Mn. on January 16, 2012
    what kind of batteries are installed and where can one find replacements.
    By Customer Service on January 19, 2012


    The Ameri-King battery pack has a 5 year useful life. Ameri-King recommends returning the ELT to them for for replacement. We do not offer a replacement at this time.

    Product Details
    UOM : Each
    Shipping Weight : 6 pounds
    Manufacturer P/N : AK451-2D
    ECCN : 7A994
    Schedule B Code : 8525.50.8020
    Disclaimer: While reasonable efforts have been made to ensure all information on this website is accurate, and Styles Logistics, Inc. do not assume responsibility for any errors or omissions. All specifications, illustrations, data and prices are subject to change without notice.
  • Dual Frequencies 406/121.5 MHz ELT. (No longer using 243 MHz, mainly monitored by the government, USCG, USAF, etc.)
  • Applicable to all General Aviation Aircraft types
  • Dual Antenna: Whip Type (300 Knots) and Portable Hand Use.
  • Ultra Long Lasting, up to 78 hours @-20 deg C, @ End of 5 yrs useful life time. Lithium Battery Package, Li MnO2, 4 D-Size Cells.
  • Reliable sealed G Switch, for dependable safety.
  • Simple Installation. All accessories include Pre-fabricated Wiring Harness Assy, Remote Control Panel, Audible Warn Buzzer, Coaxial Cable Assy, and Universal Mounting Tray.
  • Coding Programming Worldwide, all available ELT Protocols, i.e. Short Messages (Serial / Aviation / 24 Bit Address) User Protocol; National Protocol.
  • Self Test built-in. OXCO tech for perfect grad temp stability
  • PERP: 5W (406.028 MHz) 50 mw (121.5) MHz
  • RTCA Env Categories: F1XBA[204/183][204/183]XR [204/183]XXSZXXX(AC)204/183](BC)XXXX(C/204)
  • DIRECT RETROFIT to AK450 121 Mhz ELT
  • Specifications
  • FAA TSO C126/C91a
  • Transport Canada
  • European EASA ETSO 2C126/91a
  • Brazil Anatel
  • Cospas Sarsat ELT Emergency Locator Transmitter, Types(AF)(AP)

    Physical Characteristics:

    Size and Weight Main unit:(4.27"Wx2.95"Hx5.64"L) 1lb 14 oz

    • Remote unit: (2.17"W x1.20"H x1.18"L) 1.0 oz
    • Blade/ Rod3/ Whip antenna: (9" / 13.47"/ 15" L) 1.4/ 0.4/ 0.25 Lbs
    • Portable antenna:(17"L) 4 oz
    • Coax Cable Assy:(6 ft) 5 oz
    • Aural Monitor:(0.7"Dia x 1"D) 0.3 oz
    • Mounting tray:(4.51"W x 0.75"H x 5.87"L) 4.0 oz

    Case and color High impact, fire resistant, waterproof, high temperature ABS plastic, safety international orange color.

    General Specifications(Standard Conditions)

    Operating frequencies

  • 406.028 +/- 0.001 MHz
  • 121.5 MHz +/- 0.0025%

    Transmitter Power Output

  • 5 W +/- 2 db @ 406 MHz, for 24 Hrs
  • 22 +/-2 dBm @ 121.5 MHz, for 78 Hrs
  • Self Test: Built-in with Failure detection flashing code number for Diagnostic Maintenance check: RF Output Power & Frequencies, Battery Low Voltage, ELT shuts down etc.

    Enviromental Test Specifications

  • RTCA DO – 204A / 183 / 227
  • RTCA DO – 160E ENV.CAT F1XBA[204/183][204/183] XR[204/183]XXSZXXX(AC)204/183](BC)XXXX(C/204)

    Temperature and Altitude: Category F1

    Low / High Temperature

  • -20 / +55 deg C (Operating)
  • -55 / +85 deg C (Storage)
  • Altitude: 55,000 feet

    Automatic Crash Activation

  • Velocity change of 2.3 +/- 0.3G (4.5 +/- 0.5 fps)

    Crashworthiness: 100G, 23 ms, 6 directions

    Installation Location

  • Tail or Cockpit/ Cabin installation with dual or single Antennas.

    Programming Coding Protocols

  • Worldwide, all available ELT Protocols in Short Messages (User/National)
  • User Protocol (Short): Aviation; ELT with Serial No.;
  • ELT with A/C Operator Designator & Serial No.;
  • ELT with A/C 24 Bit Address.
  • In The Box
  • 450004: Remote Switch Control Unit
  • 4510041 or 4500041: Remote Wiring Cable Assy.
  • 451013 or 450013: Mounting Tray
  • 451014 or 450014: Velcro Holder
  • 4510171: Coaxial cable assembly
  • 451018: Audible Buzzer Monitor
  • 4510181: T-Adapter connector
  • 451017-1B: Whip Antenna Assembly
  • 451017-4S: Portable Antenna Assembly
  • SC-451: Soft Case
  • SC-451-T: Tether
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