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Aeroshell W 100 Aircraft Oil - SAE 50 - MIL-L-22851D
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Aeroshell W 100 Aircraft Oil - SAE 50 - MIL-L-22851D

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Part #: 60066-QT
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Material Safety Data Sheet: MSDS1
Part #: 60066-CASE
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Material Safety Data Sheet: MSDS1
Part #: 60066-5L
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Material Safety Data Sheet: MSDS1

When you were a child dreaming of being a pilot, did you ever wonder how piston engines were made? Were they delivered by storks in the sky? And what was in that baby bottle?

The reality is that engines are made in a manufacturing plant and engineers are not storks. But if they used a "baby bottle" to feed aircraft piston engines, chances are that bottle would be filled with Aeroshell W 100 Oil.

It's been said that this product is a single grade, SAE 50, ashless dispersant oil formulated specifically for use on aviation piston engines. It is. Aeroshell W 100 also uses "non-metallic additives with selected high viscosity index base oils," that results in excellent stability as well as an anti-foaming performance that will not make your baby cry. In addition, its composition protects engine parts and reduces sludge buildup while helping to reduce oil consumption.

Afraid to use because you think it can't handle the heat or sub-zero temperatures? No worries, this oil operates well in various weather regions; cold climates, temperate climates, or warmer climates.

For safety information, read the MSDS.
For information regarding features, specifications, approvals, and others, read the Technical Data Sheet.

Just So you Know…

Keep the 12-quart case handy around the hangar. You'll be a proud parent of a quality product.

The suffix for each grade corresponds to the viscosity of the oil at 210°F in Saybolt Universal Seconds.

AeroShell W Oils are intended for use in four-stroke cycle certified reciprocating piston engines, including fuel-injected and turbocharged engines. AeroShell W Oils are not recommended for use in automotive engines. For automotive engines converted for use in aircraft, the specific engine manufacturer or the conversion agency should be consulted for proper oil recommendation.

Most radial engine operators use AeroShell Oil W120 in warm weather operations with AeroShell Oil W100 or AeroShell Oil W 15W-50 being used in cooler ambient temperatures.

AeroShell Oil 100W or AeroShell Oil 15W-50 are the common choices for most operators of Lycoming and Continental flat engines but, during colder parts of the year, use of AeroShell Oil W80 in place of AeroShell W100 Oil would be an excellent choice.

Although some engine manufacturers and overhaulers suggest in their service bulletins the use of a straight mineral oil in new or recently overhauled engines for break-in, other rebuilders and manufacturers especially for engines such as the Lycoming O-320H recommend use of an AeroShell W Oil for break-in. Operators should therefore check with engine rebuilders or manufacturers for the correct recommendations for the specific engine.

AeroShell W Oils are approved for use by the following engine manufacturers:

  • Textron Lycoming: 301F
  • Teledyne Continental: MHS 24B
  • Pratt & Whitney: Service Bulletin 1183-S
  • Curtiss Wright: Various Service Bulletins – refer to relevant Bulletin
  • Franklin Engines: Various Service Bulletins – refer to relevant Bulletin
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